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WILL - Henry Sherman (Abt 1512-1590)

Relationship -  11th Great Grandfather

Henry Sherman The Elder 

Born about in Dedham, Essex, England
Husband of Agnes (Probably Agnes Perpoynt)
Father of Alice (Sherman) Fynce, Judith (Sherman) Petfield, Henry Sherman Jr, Edmund Sherman, John Sherman, Thomas Sherman and Robert Sherman
Died in Dedham, Essex, England

Will; 20 Jan 1589/90; Dedham, Essex, England . 
"In the name of God, Amen, the twentithe day of January a thousand fyve hundred eightie nine and in the two and thirtithe yeare of the reigne of oure soveraigne Ladie Quene Elizabethe, I Henry Shearman, the elder, of Colchester in the county of Essex being whole of memorye and in perfect mynde thankes be to God do make constitute and ordeyne this my laste will and testamente revokinge all other willes and testamentes made by me. Firste I bequeathe my soule into the handes of Almighty God my maker acknowledging Jesus the sonne of the Lyvinge God my only Savyoure and Redeemer by whose pretious bloodshedding all my synnes ar washed awaye which hath satisfied the wrathe of God the father and I by his meritts and noe other means shall enherite the Kingdome prepared for the faithefull. I acknowledge the holy ghoste the god of comforte which hathe sealed me up to the everlasting covenaunte of eternall ioyes, my bodie I committ to the earth from whence yt came to be buried in the parishe churche of Dedham. Item. I will and bequeathe to Doctor Chapman the preacher of Dedham sixe poundes to be paid within sixe monthes after my decease. Item. I will to Mr. Parker fortie shillings to be paide at the same time. Item. I will to the poore of Dedham twenty poundes to be a contynewall stocke for the poore to the worldes ende and the use and benifit of it to goe to the poore. Further my will and mynde is that it shalbe ordered at the discretion of the governours of the free schoole of Dedham or the greatest parte of them and th_ to take securitie for the princypall. Item. I will and bequeathe unto Henry Shearman, my son my Shearman's crafte to hym and his heires for ever. Item. I give to Henry Shearman, my sonne, all the householde (sic) which is in his house which he hathe already. Item. I give to my sonne, Henry Shearmans children that is to saye to Henry Shearman, Samuel Shearman, Daniel, John, Ezechiell, Phebe, Nathaniell and Anne Shearman to each of them five pounds a peece to be paied to the sonnes at the age of two anf twentie. And yf any of them dye before they shall accomplishe the foresaid age then I will yt to be equallie divided betwixt the reste alive and to the daughter at one and twentie. And yf they die before this age then I will there porcon to be equallie divided betwixt my sonne Henryes children then alive."


Date: ABT 1545
Place: of Dedham, England


a clothier


Date: Abt 1539
Place: Dedham, Essex, England
Date: ABT 1570


Date: ABT 1589/90
Place: Colchester, England


Date: 25 Jul 1590
Place: Parish Churchyard, Dedham, Essex, England
Date: 25 Jul 1590
Place: Parish Churchyard, Dedham, Essex, England
Date: 28 AUG 1610
Place: Prob. Dedham, England


NEHGR Vol. 166; October 2012, Whole Number 664. page 245 The Shermans Of Dedham Essex And Their Wives; Part I: Henry Sherman The Elder And His Wives, by Michael Johnson Wood

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