Saturday, 21 February 2015

IN MEMORY - Ken Cecil Cox (1926-2014)

 27th October 1926-10 June 2014                                                                                

Ken was a quiet, modest and extremely erudite gentleman. He won a scholarship & he was educated at Steyning.  He had a remarkably wide general knowledge and he wrote one book and many poems. He had a very nice sense of humour.

In the Royal Navy he served on the Cotswold and while serving he was awarded a medal for saving the life of one of the crew.  He was a respected Engineer and he worked on a number of important projects. He was versatile and he could turn his hand to numerous things & he was an excellent mechanic. He also assisted with a capsize one day while yachting on the Norfolk Broads.

Together, with his brother Gerry, he built two houses in Brighton, Sussex, England.

He died in New Zealand at the age of 87. His nature was exceptionally kind and considerate and his gentle caring manner will be remembered always. Ken put others before himself.

Ken possessed remarkable research skills. Over a period of many years, via innumerable meetings and telephone conversations, he collaborated with me in researching our heritage providing useful information including many photographs and documents together with names and dates confirming important leads. His research was achieved the old-fashioned way without the aide of computer. (Books and papers and microfiche at the local library also being a useful resource). I have documented these and presented them as a Tribute.  

Ken's Paternal Ancestry
John Cox (1804)

Ken's Maternal Ancestry
James Smith & Jane

Edward Jelley

Thomas Jupp & Mary

George Olliver (1759-1810)

Clement Olliver (Abt. 1656)



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