Thursday, 8 January 2015

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(Note that Joseph Middleton married to Elizabeth Banyard was born in1781 and their daughter Elizabeth (1820-1909) married David Samuel Stone (1817). Their daughter Harriet Stone (1851) married Joseph Temple (1833-1870). Refer Post below for Thomas Temple as well as the Revised Post for Joseph Middleton).
Below are links to posts already added:-

John Joseph Ablett (Abt. 1797-1847)
Thomas Ashton & Harriet Booth
William Davenport & Grace Alloway
John Douglas (Abt 1700-1772)
Thomas Fairfax (Abt1475-1520)
William Gee (Abt.1778)
Thomas Glassborow (1796-1860)
John Goldsmith (Abt. 1783)
Thomas Greenhow
James Harrison (Abt. 1796)
Francis Lupton (1658-1770)
Denis Martineau & B. Bouhereau
William Meadowe & Agnes (Died 1678)
John Middleton (1778- 1855)
Joseph Middleton (1781)
Thomas Middleton (1632)
James Newbigging & Janet Allan
Heritage Chart - Beatrix Potter

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