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6 June 2019

In Kerikeri, NZ  Yesterday a Tornado was forecast. Sirens sounded throughout the day but apart from high winds Kerikeri was spared . Further North at Coopers Beach there were 2 Tornadoes with a fair amount of structural damage to homes but thankfully no lives lostMy Long drive here in Kerikeri is littered with fallen Kauri Tree branches so today I will be hard at work clearing away the debris.

16 January 2019

Contact information:-

From Kerikeri, NZ.
I am mostly in KeriKeri, occasionally visiting the North shore. Pleasant up here and the traffic is not nearly so chaotic.

Sometime ago I disabled the comments option because of unfortunate inappropriate comments. Instead you may contact me at the email address given above.

Important Changes to Privacy EU Laws
There are some very significant changes and I commend you to
Chris Whitten's Post in the G2G in WikiTree:-

(Note these changes do not apply to deceased individuals.)

15 July 2017

The Source Tab has been removed.  In future Sources will be included within the Posts.  (When this Blog began a separate Page for Sources was necessary in view of the lack of software to produce them within the Post).  This has now been rectified.   It will take time to show the Sources within the existing Posts.

23 April 2017

Burke's Colonial Gentry has a very remarkable documentation of the the Landed Gentry of Sussex including the Olliver, Penfold, Henty & associated  families in Angmering, Littlehampton, Poling etc. It is well worth reading. The detail is excellent. The migration to Australia is included.

13 April 2017

Far North in New Zealand is now Cut Off from the rest of the Country by flood waters.  Update later if situation changes.
Update - Far North no longer cut off by flood water.

12 April 2017

Cyclone Watch for Australia & New Zealand. Very Heavy Rain in New Zealand. Hosing down in Kerikeri but probably mostly safe from really bad flooding.  So far I have Power,  Internet and occasionally TV reception. Bay Of Plenty likely to be seriously flooded once more.

11 January 2017
A curious New Year's Day coincidence......I didn't turn on TV in the early morning all last year but just on a whim this morning I clicked the remote control rather absent-mindedly and turned it on at the EXACT moment that a picture familiar to me was on the screen - William Chatterton Dix - the father of my Dad's stepfather and author of the well-known Hymn "As With Gladness".  There followed a rendering of the hymn by a Church Choir.

28 November 2016
Enquiries for a passenger search for the RMS Rangitoto voyage 30th August 1957 London, England to Auckland via Curacao and Panama Canal may be sent to (Ship's Commander P.S. Calcutt)

19 November 2016
Currently in Kerikeri - been here since my last return to NZ from England.  Many English People in Kerikeri Town - seems to be every 2nd person I meet and so many ex North Shore friends.  Kerikeri reminds me of the way the North Shore in Auckland used to be years ago before it became overcrowded. I will probably return to the North Shore at some point ...... not sure which point!

31 August 2016
A new Tab entitled "Recollections" has been added at the top of the page.  This is in the nature of a "Chat Page" sharing some of my past experiences. New Posts will be added to it from time to time.

18 June 2016
After recently making a change to Post from my RootsMagic Database I am now switching to Legacy as my preferred choice of output. Personally, I also find that greater ease of editing in Legacy makes it more desirable for frequent updating. There are many Genealogical Programs available these days.  I have a considerable number of them.  Most have at least some merits over others - many with excellent Charting and Reports.  In the final analysis it comes down to personal choice.  

11 June 2016
Further to my Entry here for 9 October 2015 I have noticed that the current Link to Villa Verdin (Our residence in Millstatt now an hotel) has some of my photos of postcards, (suitably attributed to this Blog). Of course the postcards, unlike my photos, are not copyright and they are in any case dating back to the 1950s and so in the Public Domain. The actual postcards shown are Photos of places in Millstatt and surrounds and they of course have on the back (not shown) the original handwritten messages.  I am considering publishing the back on this site since I am the copyright holder.

27 May 2016

Posts can be subject to dispute where reliable sources cannot be found to substantiate a correct line. A case in point is that of 
the parents of  Barbara (Morgan) Seymour whose parents are probably Thomas Morgan & Elizabeth Vaughan but not definitively verified. In this instance I have taken the same view as my Genealogist brother, Michael Johnson Wood, who has extensively researched this line and provides convincing reasons for his conclusion. 

Refer Post:- Descendants of John Seymour

1 May 2016

Broken Links continue to occur from time to time.  Sometimes the Site linked removes an article altogether or alternatively moves it to a different location.  An example of this is the Sussex History article entitled "Part I: Captain Swing - East Preston". For your Reference this article can now be found HERE 

12 April 2016
The Format of Posts has been altered from today.  The reason for this is that I am now Posting Directly from my RootsMagic Database (Purchased in London at the WDYTYA show) It gives me greater control over each Post. 

27 March 2016
Comments at the end of posts are very welcome.

Relationships to me within Posts will now be presented as highlighted to make them easy to locate particularly in respect of those further down in the post. (Not all relationships are entered within a post). Gradually over a period of time older posts will be updated with the new format. Update: Discontinuing the Highlight (considered unnecessary) - However Relationships Continue to be Noted within posts for your convenience.

23 March 2016
Falling Trees! (Not the Genealogical Variety)

During my morning walk today I narrowly missed being crushed by a falling tree.  Some years ago family members in their car also narrowly missed being crushed by a falling tree and at an earlier time a member of my extended family, a child, was killed by a falling tree in a storm.

The internet sometimes catches me by surprise but never as much as real life.

7 March 2016
In Memory Brig. Lionel Johnson Wood - Broken Link & Formatting Problem Resolved.

Rootsweb Free Pages seem to be still not accessible. Using Google to Search for a Rootsweb Profile works to a certain Degree - Be sure to add Rootsweb in Google search after the Name & other Details. Sites may still have unexpected characters etc. Watching.....!!!
Update  - Rootsweb back on-line.

28 February 2016
Yet again a photo nicked and this time offered for sale as a Portrait!!!!  No surprises left on the net then! Fortunately, on this occasion,  it was resolved satisfactorily.

27 February 2016
Rootsweb Down, Update  - Rootsweb back on-line.
Vodafone NZ (Auckland & Some Regions) Down Update - All's well that ends well!

17 February 2016
I have created a New Blog dedicated to Providing Sources & Resources to assist in Genealogical Research.  The Links provided within the Blog are to Useful Sites.  The Blog is still currently under Construction.  Click the Tabs at the top of the Blog. Some Tabs at present have only a few entries - more links will continue to be added on an ongoing basis.
Link to My new Blog:-
Genealogy Useful Stuff

20 January 2016
Google has removed all followers who are not using a Google Account. Now why doesn't that surprise me? If you want to Follow Me you are now obliged to Sign Up for A Google Account!

9 January 2016

After some consideration a decision has been taken not to include further posts Pre 1000 AD. Sources are not reliable with dates & details far too speculative to be of any practical use. Possibly it may be wise to also exclude Pre 1400 AD. This consideration will be updated here in the coming weeks. Update Keeping Pre 1400 - Historical Records are important. Endeavours will be made to verify where practical.

For those interested in tracing records back to Biblical Records there are ample sites available on the web. Caution is advised most particularly to those records stated as BC.  Tracing particular family lines should be regarded at best extremely speculative indeed and at worst mere fiction.

16 October 2015
In this Blog many of the Descendant Registers will have the Relationship to me added in  - this will be done gradually over a period of time.
Link to my Rootsweb World Connect Site:-

Please Note: New Posts will no longer be linked to Rootsweb World Connect due to broken links each time Rootsweb is Updated.  Gradually older Posts will have their links to Rootsweb removed to avoid confusion.

There are in excess of 78,000 Profiles in my Rootsweb World Connect Site.  Relationships to me (Gilly Wood) are gradually being added so that you may check to see if your family tree coincides. (Many relationships are already added). 
The closest relationship for each Individual thus far known is entered. Not all relationships have as yet been calculated - some are awaiting further entries into the database of the surrounding relatives in order that the calculation may be achieved.
The following is an example showing the relationship entered as a Note.

ID: I39319

  • Name: Judith Sherman

  • Given Name: Judith

  • Surname: Sherman
  • Sex: F
  • _UID: 4C088091FF134FF6B392C58DB3F27791002C
  • Change Date: 8 OCT 2015
  • Note:
    7th Great Grandmother
    WikiTree Sherman-1751
  • Birth: 1652
  • Christening: 5 DEC 1652 Dedham, Eng
  • Death: 1732

  • 9 October 2015

    It's not unusual to find something unexpected but this one made me go "hmmm".  After Posting a Link to a site for Rosenvilla Hotel I discovered that some of my photos which had no connection at all with Rosenvilla had been reproduced there - (albeit with an attribution to this blogspot). I have now replaced the link to go to a more appropriate Rosenvilla Hotel site.

    17 July 2015

    Corrections are made when errors are located.  Inevitably with a large amount of data there is sometimes conflicting information. Obvious errors such as a date showing that someone has died young yet impossibly shown to have married may occur when two people of the same name are mistaken one for the other.
    (Occasionally in a family one son or daughter has died and another surviving sibling is born and given the same name as the deceased sibling). If you notice an error - check back later to see if it is corrected or, if you wish, send corrections to:-

    3 June 2015

    Links will now be tested at regular intervals due to the discovery of some broken links.

    The Tribal Pages Link has now been repaired

    Many Posts have links to Rootsweb World Connect, however when the Rootsweb database is updated the links may take you to a different profile.  You can remedy this by clicking on the Rootsweb Index and locating the profile that interests you. While in Rootsweb you can also browse the 74,000 profiles. If you then wish to do further research look at the top of each Rootsweb page & click on Family Trees (highlighted in green) and select the Advanced option before you enter a name.

    There is a very good chance that you may find your ancestors on perhaps several other Rootsweb Sites.  Many genealogists have researched along common lines, most particularly in regard to profiles over 200 years ago . You may need to reconcile conflicting details and dates and remember that dates going back to pre 17th Century will often be estimated, usually calculated from their parents' or children's births.

    23 May 2015
    Security of this Blog has been tightened due to the following occurrence:-

    See Google Activity Report below:-
    Unauthorised Access to this Google Account occurred from the following IP Address on May 12th & 13th this year. Location investigation revealed Auckland, New Zealand; (IHUG) 

    Please Note:- Unauthorised Access & Removal of Posts Will Not Be Tolerated.

    20 February 2015
    Relationship Trails
    Currently Relationship Trails of British Prime Ministers are being added.  This enables a visitor to check the line given to see if it coincides anywhere with his or her own line.

    29 January 2015
    Sources are important. 
    Sources will be done for Individual people. They can be located under the Sources Tab. (It is not feasible to provide Source Links for every individual within every Post although if you see the word SOURCE in a post you can click on it.)

    Sources for Catherine,  Duchess of Cambridge, can be found in the link given at the top of each related Post in her heritage.  This link takes you to WARGS "Royal Kate" and there you will find that the documents are numbered each with a link that you can click to access.

    27 January 2015
    The Register Resizing is complete.
    Resized Printing for Descendancy  is not feasible.  Many Lines are exceedingly long and it is not possible to enlarge them to fit into the available space. To overcome this ZOOM 200% if necessary.

    24 January 2015
    Throughout History there are some people (and sometimes whole families) that adopted an alias.  Frequently it was because of unrest during a certain period and it became desirable not to have a particular name to avoid persecution etc. To give an example of this a whole Deane family adopted the alias Collins and I have indexed this family as 'Deane alias Collins'.  When researching this particular family on other sites it can often be found under the name Collins Als Deane or sometimes Collins Als Adeane. Always be aware that families do change their name sometimes and further research may become necessary.

    20 January 2015
    Resized Printing of the Register Posts has begun:-

    Print in the following pages is also now re-sized: Ahnentafel, Notable Kin & Sherman  It is not the largest print possible but it is certainly easier to read than it was previously.
    19 January 2015
    Sometimes things go wrong for a variety of reasons.  If you click a link but the post is not there the most common reason is that the Title was incorrect and the search-engine link cannot be changed so it will be re-posted with the correct title.
    Occasionally a link is inexplicably broken (well ok there's always a reason).  It will be repaired when it is discovered so try again later. 
    Some posts may be reverted to drafts while errors are being corrected - these will be re-posted when the corrections are done. There can be other reasons for withdrawal of posts - e.g. incomplete information etc..
    Occasionally the presentation of a post goes awry - it may be on the page but out of alignment. This happens sometimes when a chart is first added.  Try later and see if it is fixed.
    If you see a line of unusual characters it is an error that occurs when a date is incorrectly entered into the database.  Such errors are discovered eventually and removed during Blog Maintenance.
    18 January 2015
    AHNENTAFEL is a recent new page at present with just a few names. (Names will continue be added as time permits).  It is useful because an ahnentafel packs in quite a lot of ancestry heritage providing a useful genealogical starting point to track back to many different lines of heritage of a particular person. Below is a link to the new page:-

    14 January 2015
    At present a reconstruction of the Indices is underway.  When a list of names becomes long it is not easy to locate a required person and if the print is too small it becomes an effort to wade through the many names.
    Likewise, it is also necessary to separate the names so that they are shown under the appropriate Alphabet Letter.

    There is also, in some instances, a need to include certain names under two different letters of the Alphabet.
    It is not so much a question of which is correct or even a  particular convention but more a matter of where visitors are likely to look. (Some countries have different indexing conventions).
    If, therefore, a name begins with a particle of de, la, van, von  etc. (often known as the "Nobility Particle") it is desirable to index them firstly under the particle and secondly under the appropriate letter for the name that follows the particle. This provides a simple way of solving the argument regarding where the name really ought to be placed and more importantly it ensures that the name will actually be found!

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