Wednesday, 31 December 2014

IN MEMORY: Capt. William Nathaniel Sprague

William was born about 1878. He was the son of William Sprague and Annie Deane.

'Cousin Will', as we called him, was my first cousin twice removed (i.e. my maternal Grandfather's 1st cousin).

I recall how I came home from school one day and discovered that my Mother wasn't home. This being the only time it had ever happened I sat on the doorstep and cried. She arrived home a short while later saying she was very cross. She explained that 'Cousin Will' had insisted that she accompany him to the races. She had made it very clear to him that she had to be home in time for my return from school but after the races he took her out to tea and talked to her which made her late.

Cousin Will was a kind and extremely generous man. He had been discussing with her his decision to pay the Boarding School Fees for a member of our family and furthermore he made provision for a yearly payment to be made for my benefit. I still have the Deed.

Since he and his wife  Dorothy did not have any children of their own in his Will he left a great deal of money to many of his relatives. He left my mother not only money but also a great many very valuable stocks and shares which ultimately benefitted our family.

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