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Descendant Register of Thomas Henry Lempriere (1825-1917)

                      Descendant Register, Generation No. 1

1.Thomas Henry Lempriere was born 1825, and died 1917. He married Isabella Wilmot, daughter of William Henry Wilmot and Eliza Mary Best. She was born 1834 in Tasmania, Australia. She was buried 1865.
Children of Thomas Henry Lempriere and Isabella Wilmot are:
+2  i.Thomas Charles Chubb Lempriere was born 1855, and died 1901.
 3  ii.Leila Frances Isabelle Lempriere was born 1859, and died 1944. He married Charles Ernest Henry Swyer. She was born 1860, and died 1912.
 4  iii.Everard William Lempriere was born 1862, and died 1902. He married Elizabeth Hughes.
 5  iv.Isabella Lempriere was born 1865, and died 1865.

Descendant Register, Generation No. 2

2.Thomas Charles Chubb Lempriere (Thomas Henry Lempriere1) was born 1855, and died 1901. He married Annie Lalor. She was born 1853, and died 1885. He married Emily Stutely. She was born 1855, and died 1913.
Children of Thomas Charles Chubb Lempriere and Emily Stutely are:
+6  i.Sidney Charles Stutely Lempriere was born 1890, and died 1951.
 7  ii.Florence Maud Lempriere was born 1892.
 8  iii.Thomas Albert Charles Lempriere was born 1893.
 9  iv.Bertram Norman Lempriere was born 1896, and died 1973. He married Bessie Tickner.
 10  v.Vera Isabella Lempriere was born 1898. She married Stanley Hill.

Descendant Register, Generation No. 3

6.Sidney Charles Stutely Lempriere (Thomas Charles Chubb Lempriere2, Thomas Henry Lempriere1) was born 1890, and died 1951. He married Lila May Wilson. She was born 1891, and died 1974.
Children of Sidney Charles Stutely Lempriere and Lila May Wilson are:
 11  i.Ellen Florence Lempriere was born 1911, and died 1981. She married Thomas Kirk Lawrie. He was born 1910.
 12  ii.Gladys May Lempriere was born 1912, and died 1982. She married Alan Graham. He was born 1908, and died 1985.
 13  iii.Hilda Lempriere was born 1915, and died Abt 1969. She married Frank Trewin.
 14  iv.Sidney Ronald Lempriere was born 1918, and died 1987. He married Margaret Mary Bain. She died 1987.
 15  v.Kenneth Royce Lempriere was born 1919, and died 1986. He married Lyla Bain.
 16  vi.Thomas Charles Lempriere was born 1922, and died 1982. He married Joyce Amelia Raines. She was born 1922.
 17  vii.Beryl Lempriere was born 1925, and died 1989. She married Percival Eric Richard Ballantyne.

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