Friday, 26 December 2014

IN MEMORY: Sid Clemow (6 May 1926 - 4 November 2002)

Sid was well known to New Zealand North Shore Residents. A popular Orchardist he also had an excellent community spirit. Through Rotary he was involved with many worthwhile projects. (Rotary men and women work together to make the community a better place.)

Sid was at school with my husband, a land surveyor who surveyed much of the land in the  districts of Albany and Northland including the land belonging to Wright Family (Sid's first wife's family), and also in Rotary - so they kept in touch over the years.   After the sale of his orchards Sid retained a number of properties one in which I lived just prior to a flight to England. 

Sid lived across the road and Sid would sometimes pop in - always to do a special kindness.  On one occasion he brought me an outside table and chair set so that I could enjoy sitting in the garden.  At other times he would check to see if anything needed to be done in the garden and on the occasion of my vandalised letter-box he immediately came to repair it.

One rather humorous touch was that his garage remote control activated my garage door as well as his own.  On his way home from an outing he was in the habit of pressing the button just as he was passing my house with the result that my garage door automatically opened!  

Sid was very versatile and had many talents including being an author!

                                                SID'S BOOK CLICK HERE

For those interested in Sid's Paternal Heritage I refer you to:-

                                             SID'S PATERNAL HERITAGE

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